Sushy is available for several services, such as:

– portrait drawing
– logo design
– website design
– creating comics
– creating backgrounds
– card design
– T-shirt design
– and many other services, as long as it has something to do with design and illustration. You can view examples of my work at my portfolio

I work for both business and individuals. The price depends on the material costs and the time it takes to create the work. Here you can view some of my prices. You can always ask me about quotes.


The following prices are for drawings at A5-format. I can make a bigger format as well but that means the price will go up too.

Pencil drawing

Portrait: € 15,00
Bust: € 20,00
Full-body drawing: € 25,00

Ballpoint drawing

Portrait: € 30,00
Bust: € 35,00
Full-body: € 40,00

Cell-shading (digital)
cellshaded illustration
Portrait: € 35,00
Bust: € 40,00
Full-body: € 45,00

Digital painting

Portrait: € 40,00
Bust: € 50,00
Full-body: € 65,00

You can pay by Paypal. For communication I prefer e-mail. If you are interested in hiring me, you can always contact me at

Shipping and framing

I can ship and frame the original for you but that will cost extra. Having the artwork printed will also mean extra costs. Please notify me in advance if you want something like that.