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photo update

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I still had some photos on my camera so I am posting these today. Some of these are pretty old and others are more recent. First of all is this the last flower of my dead orchid plant.


And this is my work table which turned out to be too high.


This was my wall before judgement day at school.


And finally, my new bag! Yes it is a bag. I posted about this on instagram already but I felt I should show it here as well.

photos of my week (2)

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Last week I took a picture every day.

crazy advertisement

You probably cannot read this but this is a discriminating job ad. They ask for people who are 16 or 17 years old only.


This week I had to work in this building. I have been here before so it was not hard to find.


Later that week I went to the library. They have a window with this view.

Cool Cat

This shop has strange mannekins.

the other side of the stadium

I was too early for work so I took a walk.


And I spotted this bird with its child.


I continued working on this drawing. It still will take a while to finish it.

Photos of my week

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It seemed like fun to me to take a photograph each day of the week to show you how my week looked like. Now the photos are somewhat older than a week now since I am very slow with things like this.

outmeal cookies

Thursday (I started at Thursday 26 of May) I baked oatmeal cookies according to this recipte (it’s Dutch).

flower shop

The day after I saw some beautiful citrus trees in this flower shop. I would love to have one of them but I think they are not suitable to the climate here.


Saturday I had to go to school for the final assessment which I passed.


I went to the fair and won this.


A shop exposed my work in May.


I like street art.


I encountered these weird ducks on my way home.

Edding 800 review

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Edding 800

My teacher in school told me I should work on bigger scale drawings. He suggested I got a big black marker and this Edding 800 was the biggest marker I could find.

Edding 800 review

Sure this marker is noet very compact, but it would not have been possible to make this marker much smaller anyway. The tip of this marker is 1 cm already (which is pretty big for drawing materials). I automatically adjust myself to drawing on large scale format with this marker, even though I am used at drawing small things.


The Edding 800 marker covers very well and can be used on different surfaces. I tried it on several kinds of drawing paper, pattern paper and wood. It did not cover well on oil pastels, but who uses marker over oil pastels? (OK I do, but I do crazy things for school)
I was not so pleased that this marker went empty quite fast, but it takes much ink to make such broad lines.

In my local office store they did not have any refills for this marker unfortunately. This weekend I went to a bigger city and there they did have them so that was great. I also got a different color of this marker (blue).
In the end I am quite glad with this marker. I also tried refilling and that went fine. I just needed a few drops to use the marker again.

Below are some artworks in which I used this marker:

 black lines by Edding 800

 black lines by Edding 800

 black lines by Edding 800

I like to use this marker to put some extra accents in the work. The black broad lines are very dominant in an image so you always have to think twice when you put some lines down.