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Sketchbook update (49)

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I renewed my computer so I was busy setting the thing up… Now I finally can work properly again 😀
It was about time for a new update, so here are some new sketchbook pages!


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I made this background illustration for a client. They are working on a mobile game. This will be one of the backgrounds for the levels.

photos of my week (2)

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Last week I took a picture every day.

crazy advertisement

You probably cannot read this but this is a discriminating job ad. They ask for people who are 16 or 17 years old only.


This week I had to work in this building. I have been here before so it was not hard to find.


Later that week I went to the library. They have a window with this view.

Cool Cat

This shop has strange mannekins.

the other side of the stadium

I was too early for work so I took a walk.


And I spotted this bird with its child.


I continued working on this drawing. It still will take a while to finish it.

Photos of my week

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It seemed like fun to me to take a photograph each day of the week to show you how my week looked like. Now the photos are somewhat older than a week now since I am very slow with things like this.

outmeal cookies

Thursday (I started at Thursday 26 of May) I baked oatmeal cookies according to this recipte (it’s Dutch).

flower shop

The day after I saw some beautiful citrus trees in this flower shop. I would love to have one of them but I think they are not suitable to the climate here.


Saturday I had to go to school for the final assessment which I passed.


I went to the fair and won this.


A shop exposed my work in May.


I like street art.


I encountered these weird ducks on my way home.