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new self-portrait

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I like drawing myself I guess!
This is how I would want to look like, with blue hair and a piercing. I probably will not do the piercing ever, I am afraid of needles.

big format

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You are probably wondering where I have been. I did not even make an April Fools joke! Oh well, I never make those anyway. So what have I been doing since last update?

– I went to school (which explains these two big drawings in this post)
– I did the dishes (that’s necessary yo)
– I drew (duh!)
– I “fixed” the internet (well not really well sort of I do not know)
– I sketched sketchbook pages and did not scan those yet. I am saving them for the right moment. In other words: I forgot.
– I baked peanut butter cookies (which did not taste like peanut butter, which was amazing! Why do I bake peanut butter cookies when I hope they will not taste like peanut butter? I do not know, I just wanted to try the recipe)

I created these two bigger works for school. It was hard to properly edit the top and bottom since I almost could not reach with my pencil/marker and other drawing materials. At least the teacher was happy about the size of these.