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tropische vis

I guess I really want some beach and sea today, while finishing this summer-y illustration with a very tropical fish. ^^;

school update

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After the latest crit session it became clear I had to work on bigger formats, so I did.


This work is made on colored paper but it is not really visible on the photo.


I am still working on this one.

Christmas sale

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kerstkorting bij Sushy Shop

It is that time of the year again! To celebrate there is a massive discount at my shop. Everything is 30% off until December 26th so be sure to check it out before Christmas!


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Last school lesson was about invisibility. You would say that is easy within visual art, but it was about depicting what was not there, or what used to be there. I was thinking of traces that a drawing can leave behind. We had to make things disappear in our work and that would result into new artworks.


This is more vague than I usually draw.


Actually I should have showed the back so that it would have been even more vague, but that is hardly visible on a digital camera.


vague stuff


This is the biggest one of that day.