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pine-apples and strawberries

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After judgement day it was time to start on new artworks. I passed this year, so that means I can continue to the fourth year. My teacher insisted that I would buy a big marker now since I should work on bigger format. That’s why I tried making some bigger artworks as well, like this pine-apple for example.


I also made a strawberry using charcoal and other materials, but I really hate charcoal.


This is a somewhat little pine-apple on yellow paper.

gele ananas

Another experiment with strawberries.



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Nowadays I am thinking a lot about food. I am trying to bake a cake but it was hard to stir the butter. My mother advised to warm the butter first. That will work, but I already started…

Feeding animals

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feeding the animals

My hamster gets jealous when other animals get more bread than he does. He forgets these animals are bigger and are able to eat more bread.