Paw licking

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Last year I finished this funny artwork of a cougar for a client. I also wanted to upload it to DeviantART but for some reason it does not work today.

3/31 favourite quote and a new product

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Today’s item for the blog challenge was my favourite quote. I like many quotes, but my current favourite is by Walt Disney, which is:

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

It motivated me to start this website actually!

Anyway, I made a new product for my store, it is a hand-drawn card. This lovely owl card is up for sale for just 5 euros. It is completely hand drawn and comes with a matching orange envelope.
The card looks like this:

owl card

I am quite proud of it, if I do say so myself. Please click on the image to go to my web shop.

2/31 20 facts about me

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Day 2 of the blog challenge is posting 20 facts about me. I made a list! Let’s start…

1. I am 1.67 m tall (quite short actually)
2. I am trying to learn to write with my left hand.
3. I tried learning Russian, but it is hard to combine it with all my other activities. I still love the language and at least I can read the letters. ^^;
4. I am a night owl really.
5. In the past I always wanted to live in the city. Now I start appreciating having more space and living somewhere rural. But I still hate travelling so I guess I will stay here.
6. I do not have a driver’s license and this comic shows why:


7. I used to be a fan of Linkin Park.
8. I have trouble falling asleep, especially with Daylight Savings Time.
9. I keep dwarf hamsters as a pet since I was 10. My last hamster was Pjotr, the hamster from the comic!
10. My favourite Disney movie is Treasure Planet.

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