1/31 Introduction and a photo

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Hello everybody! I wanted to make more personal blog posts, so this website becomes more than a portfolio. I wanted to start with the 31 day blog challenge (OK I am not sure if I can post every day, but we will see…) and the first assignment was introduction and a picture of myself. As you can see I picked a picture that was open in Photoshop. I am not really into photography, so I like adding a bit of Photoshop.

The introduction

I am Susanne, also known as Sushy on the internet. Currently I am 27 years old and soon (at the end of the month) I will be 28. I am a freelance illustrator and comic artist. As you may already know, I love drawing. Sometimes I like it a bit too much so I had to be treated by a physiologist. I love animals (I used to have a Russian dwarf hamster), I read and sometimes I watch tv. I am not that great with typing long stories, so I probably forgot a few things in this introduction. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

photo update (2)

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The first (and last) photo update on sushy.nl has been a year ago. It is about time for a new one! I made some pictures to show what I have been up to lately.


I started setting up an artwork for school. Now I have drawn some new things on it that you do not see in the picture. Maybe I will post an update at another time too.


Currently I am trying to keep this plant alive. It used to have lots of pink flowers, but I gave it too much water. Now I am trying to recover it. It already has two flowers again and I hope it will get more in the future!


Inking for clients


I sometimes like to send cards via Postcrossing and then I receive a few as well. These two are from USA and Russia. And no I did not receive a card from Obama himself, it was just someone who had a card like that.

crocheting a poncho

And I try to crochet a poncho, even though it looks like a scarf.
This has been my week so far. I hope you liked it!

Sketchbook update (75)

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Life has been a bit hectic, so I am only posting sketchbook updates here. I actually made more artwork but just did not came around posting it here. Anyway I started working in a new sketchbook. It is a pretty nice one with red paper at the start. Tomorrow I will bring this sketchbook to a funeral. :O