School work

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Judgement day is coming up so I am busy finishing off my work. These are mostly small artworks, for example this artwork with mermaids. It is just a bit bigger than A4.

I tried making this ray abstract.


Rays look so funny from this side.

complex landschap

This artwork reminds me of the things I had to make at the Willem de Kooning Academy.


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This Saturday I had a lesson at school about big, many, small or simple. I chose for “big and simple”, so I made works that are big and simple. Something I do not do usually. I like making small and detailed things. This first image shows all the sketches I created for this assignment.


Most of the works I did were about fish and grain.


I made these with charcoal, something I do not use most of the time.


Simple fashion illustration.


This was my favourite from the lesson. The teacher liked this one too.


One of the first grain-artworks.

from Lolita to mech

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van princes naar mecha

Recently I completed this artwork for a client. These are two pictures of a girl that transforms into a battle mech. The shoes that she was trying on are the casue of this.