Elf card

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elf card

I just added this cheerful card to my shop! I drew it and it is just 5 EUR, which is quite cheap for such an original card!

13/31 vacation and my first memory

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My character K-chan is having it tuff in the vacation…

Today I am going to continue writing for the challenge. I will be finished soon since it is about my first memory… I have really bad memory so I would not know what my first memory was. Actually I already have trouble remembering things that happened last week!

11/31 15 favorite things

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15 favorite things

A while ago I started with the blog challenge. Now I am finally resuming it. Here are 15 of my favourite things!

1. BIC ballpoint
2. My crocheted flower
3. Eraser in the form of a pencil
4. Pencil pouch that looks like a fish.
5. Tape
6. Pine-apple eraser
7. My current sketchbook
8. Lucky cat
9. Drawing table
10. Blue POSCA marker
11. Internet via power socket (so useful!)
12. Wacom tablet
13. My computer
14. Small lantern
15. Jacket with camouflage.