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photo update (7)

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I harvested a new cucumber, and there is a new one coming I think.

spring onions

Inside the house the spring onions are doing well.


Trying to propagate more mint.


I added this rabbit drawing to my web shop.


Unexpected blooms

plant update

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Short plant update:


I now have a small sunflower in the living room. It doesn’t want to turn its head.

crocheted cactus

I finished a new cactus!

photo update (3)

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I didn’t really like the yellow crocuses… It seems the plant has listened, since it produced purple flowers the next day!


I did some postcrossing again and I sent this card:


These white muscari are doing pretty well too.


Outside I saw even more (purple) crocuses.

more crocuses

And I have bought a new camera! I still have to get used to it but I managed to take this photograph.

camera test

photo update

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crocheted dragon

It is still very cold here, but that allowed me to finish off this crocheted dragon. It looks weird, but at least it is finished.

sanseveria en een andere vetplant

The plants outside are not doing well, so I just photographed these succulents that I have inside. This sanseveria is repotted. Its “brothers” are doing pretty bad to be honest. ^^;

cupcake and botanical gardens

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This is the first time that I crocheted a cupcake! It came out different than expected.

botanical gardens

I also went to the botanical gardens. I mostly saw the outside part because we couldn’t find the inside part… Yeah really.


Of course I notice the succulents first!

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