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cupcake and botanical gardens

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This is the first time that I crocheted a cupcake! It came out different than expected.

botanical gardens

I also went to the botanical gardens. I mostly saw the outside part because we couldn’t find the inside part… Yeah really.


Of course I notice the succulents first!

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16/31 rabbits and bucket list

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Rabbits are my favourite animals, so I had to draw them again.

Moving on to the blog challenge, this time it is about my bucket list. I do not have one though. The question is “What is at the top of my bucket list?” and that would be selling on a big comic convention! That is really the only thing that comes to mind. I am not really into bungee jumping and stuff.

13/31 vacation and my first memory

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My character K-chan is having it tuff in the vacation…

Today I am going to continue writing for the challenge. I will be finished soon since it is about my first memory… I have really bad memory so I would not know what my first memory was. Actually I already have trouble remembering things that happened last week!

11/31 15 favorite things

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15 favorite things

A while ago I started with the blog challenge. Now I am finally resuming it. Here are 15 of my favourite things!

1. BIC ballpoint
2. My crocheted flower
3. Eraser in the form of a pencil
4. Pencil pouch that looks like a fish.
5. Tape
6. Pine-apple eraser
7. My current sketchbook
8. Lucky cat
9. Drawing table
10. Blue POSCA marker
11. Internet via power socket (so useful!)
12. Wacom tablet
13. My computer
14. Small lantern
15. Jacket with camouflage.

garden update

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I felt like showing my little garden on my blog! The “garden” is in the window and on the balcony. This year I got a lot of snow peas from a store that gave away free plants if you bought certain things.

small garden

Dill always grows well in my window and the snow peas did pretty well too. I did have to cut them a bit to remove dead parts.


I was surprised these pepper seeds would actually work! I just used seeds from a regular pepper that was in some package of food.


Just some plants I have outside, I recently sowed some raddish.

apple plants

These pots have three attempts at growing an apple tree and an acacia.